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Ep ??15: Steam Deck, Mechanical Keyboards, Random Stuff

Ep ??14: Turn smartphone into Monitor, Movie Reviews, Random Stuff

Ep ??13: Apple Lossless Codec, Basics of DAC, Guest: Affan Intekhab

Ep ??12: Sony Buds WF-1000XM4, Photoshop vs Lightroom, How to develop your style?

Ep ??11: Project - Sports Academy, Hyundai Women's Day Ad, 2nd Wave Corona

Ep ??10: Tips - Stand-alone Business, Bashing: Desi Khoj, Software Piracy & it's consequences

Ep ??9: Sound, Loudness & Behaviour

Ep ??8: Influence of Social Media, Basics of Vectors & Adobe Ai & Turn your Android into Workstation

Ep ??7: Benelli Project, Jinnaath, BMPCC6K Pro

Ep ??6 - Smartphones Launches, Xiaomi Air Charge, GameStop stock uproar

Ep ??5: Bashing VFX, Bashing Hyderbadi Shadi, ARM on MacBook

Ep ??4: WhatsApp & Security, CES 2021 Highlights, Myth-Check: DSLR & Cine Cameras

Episode: ??3 - DMDM Hydantoin, Colour Theories & Camera, Death Stranding

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